Bearing Sea

Dutch Harbor, Alaska +1-907-581-3386

Serving the
Aleutian Islands
If fishing is your passion, then there are damn few spots remaining in the world where you can catch 100 pound fish! Be it halibut, salmon, cod, rock fish, you can put together your own posse and charter this vessel for the day. Bring up to 5 people and you won’t even need to pack your poles, check out our daily rates, or perhaps you want to venture further from town and overnight on the boat. Whatever your fishing fantasy is, we can handle it. This is not your ordinary fishing trip in the Aleutian’s, cold, exposed, and underfed! We provide a warm cabin, assistance pulling up that 100+ pound halibut, and ice to put the fish upon. We can hook you up with a custom processor that for an additional fee, will gut, fillet and vacuum seal your catch upon return to the dock. Unlike Hawaii, and Mexico, you get to eat what you catch, and we encourage that!! Contact us today to schedule your trip.