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Whether you are looking for extreme adventure, filming, scuba diving, private or goverment research, freight forwarding, a huge halibut, or a other charter services, you have found the link to get what you need. Our client list is filled with satisfied charter service customers.

The finest of all of the charter vessels in the Aleutian Islands, the Miss Alyssa is a safe haven from the seas with sleeping accommodations and gourmet food! Known for a smooth ride in even the roughest seas, this 'Skookum' ship rides like a Cadillac. We will cater to your group with food, Zodiac rides, and fishing advice as appropriate. We have chartered trips ranging from scenic cruises, to tracking whale migrations with research groups, to high adventure mountaineering drop-offs.

Check out our Trip Ideas page or create your own excursion by filling out our charter questionaire. We look forward to helping you explore the Bearing Sea and the Aleutian Islands. Please contact us soon for more information.

The Aleutian Islands are wild places, and we can accomodate your wild ideas.